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Artfully Designed Mirrors

Art and design that honors the human experience

Spiritually sophisticated mirrors that honor the human experience

Elevated mirrors for your space

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Symbolism redefined


Reflecting our inner selves, silent confidants of self-discovery.


Canvases that capture the essence of human emotions and imagination.


Gateways to unknown realms, where reality meets the extraordinary.

Works on Paper

Stories, dreams, and expressions sketched with ink and emotion.

The silent storytellers of our reflections

The Power of Mirrors

Empowering and redefining spaces, these mirrors transcend functionality. They serve as portals of self-awareness and affirmation, reflecting not just physical appearance but the depth of individuality and resilience. With each glance, they reshape the conventional norms of beauty and identity.

The power of reflection and introspection

Unveiling our true selves with every glance

Mirrors, like magical gateways, reveal our innermost emotions, reflecting the essence of who we are, one image at a time. In their glassy depths, we discover beauty, vulnerability, and the timeless truth of our own existence.


The Serpent Goddess

The Serpent Goddess

The Serpent Goddess was revered in various ancient cultures, including Sumer, Babylon, Crete, Egypt, Greece, and Canaan. Often associated with wisdom and divinity, serpents were worshiped in shrines. In Sumer...

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The Silhouette Mirror

The Silhouette Mirror

The human body is a masterpiece of nature, a miraculous vessel that allows us to experience the wonders of life. Every curve and contour of our bodies tells a story,...

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In the Studio

In the Studio

 The portal represents the inherent potential within each of us to shape-shift and evolve at any given moment.

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The Birthright Mirror

The Birthright Mirror

This contemplative and exquisitely designed mirror invites us to confront taboos, challenge societal perceptions, and champion empowerment and reverence for this essential part of the human body.

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