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Symbolism taps into the realm of reinvention. By creating symbols, we can create new ways of understanding and have new ideas that ignite new avenues of thought. Reinvention feels prescient at the moment because we are repeating many of our past transgressions. The rights of women, LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC people are still hanging precariously within our cultural, religious, and bureaucratic systems. 

The symbols I create serve as keys to unlock our inner understanding, transcending the confines of language. These symbols celebrate aspects of the human experience often overlooked or marginalized—vulvas, wombs, sensuality, and the inherent power they embody. My work transforms into an altar, an invitation for viewers to connect with their inner spirit.

Mysticism and its unspoken wisdom underpin my artistry, challenging centuries-old norms that prioritized the veneration of masculine deities while neglecting the worship of the vulva and womb—a practice deeply rooted in ancient societies. My mission is to resurrect this reverence in a contemporary context, using new iconography to rekindle dormant spiritual practices within us all.

Through sinuous portals and womb-like symbols, I introduce a feminist-focused geometric lexicon—a tool for rediscovering age-old respect for the human form and experience. Within the realm of art, this transformation represents my journey from introspection to fostering universal connections.

Meagan Jain

From hosting art classes for adults 70+, to creating innovative workshops such as the Vulva Self-Portrait Class and the SAGE Experience, to painting murals, designing apparel and jewelry, my work has always been about honoring and empowering the human experience.

Currently in NYC, my studio focuses on making unique and decorative pieces that stand out through symbolism and reflection.

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