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Large Portal


​​The Portal Mirror invites us into the boundless depths of self-exploration and transformation. This mirror is a symbol of perpetual metamorphosis - breathtaking by day, it transforms at night with light. 

Designed with profound introspection, the portal, an original design by Meagan Jain, represents the inherent potential within each of us to shape-shift and evolve at any given moment. Every facet of its design underscores the notion that every fleeting second offers an opportunity - to change, to redefine, to choose anew. Its reflective nature serves as a poignant reminder that our best guide and the most revealing compass is often our own reflection. 

When you gaze into the Portal Mirror, you're not just observing the now; you're peering into an infinite number of futures and versions of yourself, each awaiting your conscious choice.

Acquiring this piece is not merely an investment in art, but in a philosophy. It stands as a daily testament to the power of choice, of transformation, and of the endless possibilities that lie within. The Portal Mirror is more than an art piece; it's a journey into oneself, a tangible reminder of our unparalleled ability to mold our own destiny.




Birch wood and acrylic mirror

Large Portal


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