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Natural Birch Wood Portal


The Portal Mirror stands as a symbolic gateway to deep self-discovery and personal growth. Carefully designed by Meagan Jain, this emblem of introspection encapsulates the limitless potential we each harbor to metamorphose and adapt. Every detail in its design amplifies the belief that each passing moment is ripe with potential - to pivot, to reinvent, and to make distinct choices. Reflecting more than just your appearance, it encourages viewers to see the myriad futures and selves that could be, all guided by deliberate decisions.

Choosing the Portal Mirror isn't just about acquiring a unique wall décor piece; it's about embracing a life philosophy. A daily affirmation of the potency of choice, of evolution, and the vast horizons within us. This mirror transcends mere decoration; it offers a tangible journey into self-awareness, reaffirming our unmatched capacity to shape our path.


13.5 x 10 in


Birch wood and reflective plexiglass

Natural Birch Wood Portal


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