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Jesus was a Woman


 About: "When I read that in 431 AD the Catholic Church “declared” Mary, a Jewish peasant girl from Palestine who no one really knew about as the Mother of God and “decided” in the 5th century that she was a virgin before, during, and after her son’s birth, it made me think about the other things that could have been, and most probably were, made up. I thought about Jesus and wondered, what if Jesus was actually a woman?

Early Christianity was hugely popular among women. It gave them rights the Roman Empire disallowed: the choice to not marry, the choice to remain celibate, the choice to dedicate oneself to something other than a husband. That’s why it became so popular, women loved it. It gave them a new sense of freedom. Without women, Christianity would not have taken over the word in the way it did. Early Christianity and Catholicism are two all together different things though, and The Inquisition completely changed the modern world.

Religious historians can argue with all kinds of data but when you really get into it and dig through the mountain of things people tried hard to bury for thousands of years, a lot of the stuff we believe to be “truth” was completely made up and just solidified as truth by virtue of time so it’s a fun thought exercise to ask oneself, “What other things were made up that we believe to be truth?” I’m personally not one for organized religion, so I can ask this question with ease but whatever you believe, I still recommend doing it.

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4 ft x 3 ft


Oil on canvas

Jesus was a Woman


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