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Offering, 2020, is a series of oil paintings that imagines a visual language capable of expressing the interconnectedness of bodies and organisms, sexuality and spirituality. The outlined motifs of circles, leaves, and flowers echo their more ornate counterparts in traditional Indian henna, the art of celebratory ornamentation of a woman’s body. Some of the works are abstracted representations of the female body; all of the works carry bodily associations with limbs, wombs, and vulvas. These forms are configured into otherworldly compositions that reference the work of twentieth-century visionaries such as Hilma af Klint and Agnes Pelton. As in those artists’ pictures, these new organic forms are also suggestive of spiritual icons, reappearing across multiple canvases and painted with a sense of reverence. Symmetry gives the paintings resolution and balance, while the vibrant palette of contrasting reds and blues brings a sense of energy. This ongoing body of work continues my commitment to finding empowering visual languages for the diversity of womanhood.

Shipping: Each painting is shipped out of Meagan Jain's studio in Brooklyn, NYC. You can expect pieces in this collection to ship within 1-2 weeks of the purchase date. 

International Orders: Orders outside the US may require an additional invoice for shipping costs.


4 ft x 3 ft


Oil and gold leaf on canvas



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