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‘Reflections’ New Mirrors Launch

Over the past nine months, I've immersed myself in the artistry of crafting mirrors. These mirrors embody a harmonious blend of symbolism, empowerment, self-reflection, and the pursuit of self-discovery. My fascination with mirrors as both functional art pieces and portals to introspection has been the driving force behind this creative endeavor. 

Reflections’ New Mirrors Launch

Drawing inspiration from the realms of spiritualism and the human body, each mirror bears witness to a profound fusion of symbolism and form. The Silhouette Mirror captures the organic form that echos the contours of the human body, weaving together the threads of our spiritual and physical experiences.

The Silhouette Mirror

As you gaze into these mirrors, you're not just reflecting your outer self, but delving into the depths of your inner world. They serve as powerful conduits for contemplation, each shape and symbol sparking a dialogue between your conscious mind and the unseen forces that shape our existence. 

Reflections’ New Mirrors Launch

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