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Meagan Jain


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Size: 16x20in 

Description: Fine Art Archival Canvas Paper, Giclee print with archival pigmented and the highest level of color gamut available in printing (12 color printing)

About: Mixed media on canvas, 2017

"Life in many ways is like a painting. You begin with a crisp, clean canvas that has no marks, no paint, and no expression on it. As you continuously go throughout life you experiment, you adventure, you learn, you connect and create. Oftentimes we forget that the canvas itself is not a finished product. It’s a process. It’s the process of expression, of creating, and of painting. This is so much like life. We forget sometimes that life is not an outcome. It is the small accumulated moments of our experiences and ultimately the people we create ourselves to be everyday. Continue to paint on your life as if you have no expectations for what you want your canvas to be."