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Meagan Jain

In Her Growth

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Size: 12x20in 

Description: Fine Art Archival Canvas Paper, Giclee print with archival pigmented and the highest level of color gamut available in printing (12 color printing)

About: Mixed media on canvas

"I painted this in 2019 right after moving to NYC. Those beginning months were super hard. I would walk around and feel like everyone was infinitely cooler, richer, and more successful. I painted this outline of my body to remind myself life is about growth. I came here to grow. Growing is generally not fun, very hard, and kind of exhausting (maybe it’s not for you? would love to know). Flash forward three years (next month!) and it’s still hard, I still sometimes think everyone else here has something figured out, but what I did importantly realize is that this city makes you tougher, stronger, and you begin to see the bravado that carries us all through it 😎 Celebrate the small wins, friends. That’s all that really carries us through this thing we call life. Put on your bravado and get out there. The world needs you."