Through visual arts, I work to redefine, recreate, and reimagine how we think about art, aging, relationships and connection. Creativity and sensuality are primal motivations for connecting with others, my work explores both, and how we interact with them as we age.

After attending Georgia State University for my Master’s in Gerontology, I started Ageless interAction in 2014. At Ageless interAction, we work to redefine ideas and understandings of age and the aging process by connecting adults 75+ with communities through visual arts. Painting is a powerful medium to connect people together through creativity, conversation, and companionship.

As a painter, my work explores elements of the human experience. My figurative and illustrative work examines what it means to be a woman in contemporary Western culture while my mural work focuses age and growth throughout life by evoking elements from nature. All of my mural work is freehand. I’ve painted in various urban landscapes on the exterior of buildings, cars, bodies by way of tattoos, and interior walls throughout the world.

I endearingly refer to my work as that of a Gerontolartist (Gerontologist + Artist = Gerontolartist). I love connecting people of all ages together to unleash their creative expression through painting. I am also a designer, muralist, and installation artist.

Some of my work can be seen at Georgia State University, Krog Street Market, across the urban landscape of Atlanta, Georgia such as the Edgewood Avenue and Moreland Avenue neighborhoods, and in the private collections of esteemed individuals.

I would love to paint a mural for you! Say hello at